|Character |name = Bally |

|gender = Female

|episode eliminated = There's Snow Place Like Fun

|allies = Bowling Ball, Skittle, Lemon (Possibly)

|enemies = Potato, known in the episode when he voted for him.

|rank = 17th

|color = Sky blue

|image =

Description Edit

Bally was reccomended by DahKillazBunnny,who debuted in episode 5.He was shortly eliminated in episode 8.Bally is a nice,cute(not really)and caring contestant.Even though bally is a rejoiner,some rejoiner stay for about 10 episodes,bally only survived 3 episodes.Bally has a tiny chance of winning TOATI due to her being eliminated.


Bally has a side affect known as misdetailitus. Which is another word for speech problems, so she makes all the a, and u sounds turn into ooo sounds. Example: Why Wood Any Woon Voote For Me?