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Grande Feaste


after going everywhere on Earth, they have to eat. but Spoon loses the challenge because she got a bad stomach ache after eating last episode.

Charecter eliminated




Release Date

Valentine's day

Part 1Edit

This episode starts with what appears to be Lemon walking by Spoon in a bush. spoon then grabs lemon's leg and lemon trips. then Revenge token says "Elimination!" which meant it was time for elimination. when all of them are at the elimination time, Revenge Token noticed something weird. there was 7 seats. then, Hexagony went to sit on the 7th seat. spoon noticed hexagony and they were in love at the very first second they saw each other. both Spoon and Hexagony got 0 votes. the rest except lemon got 4 votes. lemon got 11 votes and he got eliminated.

Part 2Edit

Hexagony and Lampy tell a quick recap, and Revenge token says it's time for the challenge. revenge token said that they could vote for the challenge. but, it had only 2 canidates: Feast and race. Spoon voted feast, while the others voted race. Feast won, and the charecters (except Spoon) were sad. everyone finished their meal in less than 2 minutes. spoon was up for elimination and so were Juicebox and Cone.