Shell idle

Shell's body

 Shell, labeled the Random One, is a wired,personality-changing contestant.Shell is the most wired contestant in the whole world of TOATI.For example,in episode 1, she was calm and mediocre,but in episode 2 and over, she was as dumb and wired as Rocky from BFDIA. But for some reason, she was still disliked and was sent to the giant mouth thingiy mijig.Also, shell has a rare chance winning TOATI.




Shell was actually calm in episode 1,but grew more wired over the TOATI episodes.Her appearance in episode 1 and all the other episodes,are very different.Her disliking is unknown for some reason,but she got on revenge token's nerves anyway from all the wiredness.Shell may be funny or so,but she still was eliminated with potato.since shell was eliminated, she has a rare chance of winning TOATI.


Gender: Female

Episode Eliminated: Bus Pop Episode 6

Place: TOATI: 20th

Friends: Spoon, Tapey, Muggy, Potato

Enemies: Master Revenge Token, Potato(partly), Lemon