Skittle is a female character on TOATI. She is kind and happy. She has been eliminated in

episode 22


Gender: Female

Episode Eliminated: A Mined Game (what the episode title would've been) episode 22

Place: TOATI: 6th

Friends: Bowling Ball (love interest, does not like back), Bally, Cone, Muggy (possibly)

Enemies: Lemon, somewhat bowling ball


  • She has been known for being hated by twj.
    • Yes. I really, really, really, hate Skittle. I deleted the Skittle Video because I was getting hate.                 BUT JUST YOU WAIT... Its coming back today. >:)         -thewugglejack

*IMPORTANT UPDATE* Sidra Yanes did not create my character skittle. I created every object, voice acted every object, and she has no credit in the character whatsoever