Volleyball idle

Volleyball's Newer Idle

Volleyball is a contestant on TOATI. He is is known to be the one who recieves the least dislikes. (Others including Bowling Ball, Juicebox, etc). Volleyball has a decent chance of winning TOATI because of this. But has a possible low chance due to him joining late.

I Said Can we just do the elimination! Volleyball That Son of That Beach


Weird, nice, goofy and semi-random:3


Volleyball body

Volleyball's Older Idle

Gender: Male

Episode Eliminated: That Son Of A Beach

Place: 10

Friends: Bowling Ball, Skittle, Muggy, Chilipepper, Crown, Spoon(possibly), Cone, Lemon(possibly), Chilipepper

Enemies: Boomerang, Pizza(possibly), Starry, Football,

Samantha Evil